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Patients stop caring for themselves, become sloppy. There are constant bouts of sildalis outburst. In the middle of the development of the disease, the patient's weight changes dramatically, obesity occurs, and thenthe opposite state - there is an exhaustion of the body with general weakness and deterioration in the functions of physiological processes. We can definitely say that Pick's disease radically changes a person's personality.

Timely diagnosis is the first step to success. It is possible to diagnose the disease after a clinical examination and a personal conversation with the patient. Also, the doctor should conduct a conversation with the next of kin to identify the phases of personality change.

Pick's disease and Alzheimer's have one thing in common - dementia. It is possible to differentiate one disease from another according to the following criteria. Pick's disease develops at the age of fifty, while Alzheimer's disease is practically not diagnosed until the age of sixty. Tendency to aggression towards relatives. Patients with a violation of the Peak, starting from the early stages of the disease, become prone to vagrancy, resist guardianship from loved ones.

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In patients with Alzheimer's disease, such manifestations occur much later. It's all about memory. In the first phases of Pick's disease, there are no disturbances in attention, a person can navigate the terrain, perform mathematical calculations. In the case of Alzheimer's disease, the main symptom will be a sharp decrease in memory. The question of permissiveness. In Alzheimer's disease, in the early stages, there are no personality changes, while in Pick's disease, pathological emancipation is revealed, when the patient mindlessly obeys his physiological instincts. Speech disorders. The primary symptom of Pick's disease is a marked deterioration in vocabulary.

With Alzheimer's in the early stages, there is no deterioration in speech, and the process occurs more slowly. Reading and Writing. Patients with Alzheimer's disease lose their reading and writing skills almost immediately; in people with Pick's disease, these skills are not lost for a long time.

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